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What Permits Do You Need to Start Catering?

In the video “Catering Info-What Permits Do You Need to Start Catering” they discuss where to find the information you need for starting a restaurant, catering business or food truck. It is on the YouTube channel Barbecue Catering Info By SDSBBQ. Every city, town, or state has different regulations, and you will have to check with your local health department. Some may have food service departments for different types of food businesses. Some of the permits you may have to get are a business license, employer ID number, food handler permit, health department permit, and liquor license.

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Set your company up as an LLC to protect your business and your personal assets from liability. Getting a certification in safe food handling for managers from organizations like SafeServ will provide comprehensive training. One of the best ways to get advice about what you need is to set up an appointment with a local restaurant, corporate catering business, or food truck to ask questions.

Food service businesses are busy, so set up an appointment with them that is convenient for them to talk to you. They can provide you with information on where to go to get permits and how they established their business. The food service industry is constantly changing, so talking with someone working in it is the best way to find out about the permits needed. Choose a business like the one you are opening, whether it be corporate catering, food truck, or restaurant.

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