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What Makes Dominican Republic Coffee Unique

When trying to explore different cultures and the things that make them stand out, it’s important to remember that even the simplest things can be drastically different depending on where you are. If you decide to travel to the Dominican Republic, one of the first things you should do is get a cup of coffee. While coffee may not seem like something that can excite your palette, Dominican Republic coffee is something you shouldn’t pass up on.

Coffee beans in the Dominican Republic are typically grown on the side of steep mountain slopes. Local farmers will hand-pick the beans to ensure only the highest quality ones are used.

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These fresh beans give the coffee a rich depth of flavor that is unparalleled to many of the more readily available coffee brands known by US consumers.

Coffee is so popular in the Dominican Republic that it’s the national non-alcoholic drink. While there are a variety of brands available, Cafe Santo Dominico is the most popular. However, there are a lot of local options that can intrigue the taste buds just as much as this more established brand. It’s important to explore all the different varieties available.

For more information on what makes Dominican Republic coffee unique, please review the attached video.


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