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What Is Included in a Michelin-Starred Tasting Menu?

A Michelin-Starred restaurant is one that has achieved a lot of success and is known for its high-quality and great tasting food. If you have never sat down for a 12+ course chef’s tasting menu, then you will want to know what to expect. In this video, you will learn about the tasting menu of one such Michelin-Starred restaurant in Barcelona and get a behind the scenes of all of the dishes as they are prepared.

The chefs in this restaurant take great pride in their dishes and are passionate about the food that they prepare. It is a complex procedure and they are always coming with new dishes.

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This particular restaurant has three chefs who are very close like family. There are a couple of menus to choose from but you can expect high-quality from all of them, even the short ones. The chefs and cooks will spend a lot of time preparing the food and carefully making it all look just right and taste just right too.


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