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What Is Coco Coir And How Does It Benefit Me?

If you’re invested in utilizing a hydroponic system to grow crops, you should know the ins and outs of coco coir. Hydroponic grow supplies are a necessary addition to improving the growth of your crop. Here are some of the facts you should know about coco mix.

What is it?

Coco coir, or coco mix, is a type of growing medium primarily used for hydroponic growth systems made from coconut coirs, or the fibrous area between the husk and the core. Traditionally, everything between the husks to the inner meaty shell — including the coir — was discarded as a waste product; then it was discovered as a wonderful growth medium and home product.

Coco mix is usually made from browned coir from mature coconuts.

How is it made?

Coco mix needs extensive processing for hydroponic use or garden use. First, it needs to be removed from the coconuts where it is then soaked in water to make them more flexible. After they’re soaked, they’re dried for over a year and organized into bales before they are ground, chopped, and processed.

What are some of the perks of using coco mix indoors?

This is a great product for use in gardens, but it’s even better in growlabs under LED grow lights that use nearly 60% less energy. Why is coco mix perfect for indoor use?

Firstly, it doesn’t attract insects. Because it’s dried for over a year, the coco coir is not a suitable habitat for insects or other garden pests that want to attack your plant’s roots.

They’re also great for hydroponic wet growth because plants hate growing in pure water. This will boost your plant growth in a traditional hydroponic system.

What are general benefits of coco coir?

Coco coir is easy to maintain thanks to its similarity to regular growing soil. You can treat it as you would any other growth medium, making for easy maintenance. It also does a good job at holding in moisture and other nutrients while retaining high levels of oxygen.

There are many benefits to using a coco mix to grow plants, whether it be in a hydroponic indoor garden or a flower bed. Contact Heavy Gardens for more information about coco mix today.

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