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We All Scream For Ice Cream! Here’s Why

Custom ice cream containers

We all scream for ice cream. Not cookies, not cannolis, not even cupcakes. As the old adage goes, everyone — 90% of all American households to be exact — screams for ice cream.
But if you ask anyone breaking their vocal chords for the sweet, creamy, cold stuff, you’ll understand that the hype is well deserved. Of all desserts, ice cream can easily be considered one of the most versatile dessert foods of all. Just think of all the ways you can enjoy it!
And luckily for you, you don’t have to imagine. Here are three ways to enjoy ice cream that anyone — from connoisseur to amateur — can appreciate:

Ice Cream Cones

While ice cream cups are the least messy option, an ice cream cone is a playful, interactive, and edible way to hold your ice cream. There are two kinds of popularized cones: waffle cones and wafer cones. Waffle cones are typically more substantial, and were made popular in the United States in the early 1900s.

Ice Cream Cake

You can have your cake, eat it too, AND have it be made entirely of ice cream. The ice cream cake is an incredible, edible iteration of ice cream that has been much loved by birthday boys and girls of all ages for quite some time. Like ice cream cones, no ice cream cups are needed. Just some sturdy spoons and a hearty appetite!

Ice Cream Sundae

Who doesn’t like a customizable ice cream dish. Pile a bowl high with your favorite ice cream flavors, fruit, nuts, chocolate, and whatever toppings you see fit. From there, all you need is a spoon to enjoy!

As you can see, there are so many ways to enjoy ice cream, and so many more out there? Which is your favorite? Let us know your favorite method in the comment section below.

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