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Using Paper Coffee Cups As an Important Branding Tool

White paper cup

There might not be any other food item more in demand these days than coffee. Research shows that the average person in the U.S. drinks more than a cup and a half a day, and the value of the retail coffee market is estimated at $48 billion a year. This means that for quite a lot of people holding down corporate employment, the daily dose of caffeine makes quite a lot of difference. This also represents a unique opportunity for employers to provide their employees with their required daily dose of coffee, and also to spread an important brand message in the meantime. Branding regular, household items which are used on a regular basis has for quite a long time been an important brand strategy for many companies, and for good reason. This helps reinforce the brand message, and can have quite a bit of impact in the long term when it comes to helping people absorb and retain the central brand value.

The relationship between branding and coffee cups has spanned many decades. The leading coffee outlets of the world always use branded paper coffee cups as a means of advertising and promoting their brand, and this strategy has brought them consistent success. For corporate entities, this kind of branding strategy can have important impact if used in the right manner. A lot can be achieved by just printing your company logo and central message on paper coffee cups, and using these cups in your office and in corporate events and gatherings on a regular basis. Let us look into the possibilities in more detail.

Using Coffee Cups As a Branding Tool

Since the concept of coffee and coffee accessories forms an important part of the average day of the average office goer, it is by no means a leap of the imagination to imagine the potential of coffee cups and other coffee accessories as important branding tools. A lot of office buildings have the option of serving coffee to employees, and these coffee machines can be important points in the building where employees meet and talk while sharing their daily dose of caffeine. Using branded coffee cups can be a great way to reinforce the brand message within the company, enabling a subtle, effective way to let employees view the branding message on a regular basis. Repetition brings familiarity and adoption, and in this case, choosing to display branding messages on something as familiar and dear as the white coffee cups can have a significant impact.

The utility of paper coffee cups as a branding tool can be further leveraged in corporate events and gatherings. In a lot of these places, coffee is served as a matter of course. Finding groups of people huddled over coffee machines is an extremely normal phenomenon, and it is in these places that using your company branding with paper coffee cups can yield surprisingly interesting results. Since the unassuming and ubiquitous white paper coffee cups are things that people consider materials of daily use that provide utility and act as a vehicle for their all-important coffee, using this as a vessel for your branding message can help people absorb and retain your brand information and philosophy. This can make a lasting impression on the subconscious, helping people relate to your brand instantly with the passage of time.

Handling Supplies

When it comes to using white disposable coffee cups as a branding tool, the one thing that you need to get right is the supplies. This can be easily accomplished by choosing a provider for plain white paper cups, and engaging the services of a printer to print your brand message on these cups A lot of companies that provide coffee cups also handle the printing services themselves, which means that you can avail yourself of a package deal without any problems.

With the judicious use of paper coffee cups as a branding tool, you can spread the brand message of your company far and wide. Both internally among your employees, and externally among business associates and suppliers, this such a reinforcement of your brand message can help create a favorable, pleasant notion about your brand.

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