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Understanding Italian Restaurants

Italian restaurants have become popular all over the world. With the popularity of Italian cuisine, there are a lot of dishes that different countries have adopted. Italian restaurants represent food from many different regions in Italy.

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In this article, we are going to look a little bit closer at Italian restaurants.

In America, it’s common to have bread and butter served to your table while you wait for food. In Italian restaurants, the butter is replaced with olive oil. Bread is dipped into olive oil for an amazing snack. It’s also common to save a couple of pieces of bread for your meal so that you can dip them into the sauce.

Meals at Italian restaurants also tend to be a little bit larger than those of other restaurants. Food Network explains that there is usually a minimum of five courses during the time at an Italian restaurant.

The first course is usually the antipasti. This is similar to an appetizer and it is used to get your palette ready for the meal. If you are interested in learning more about Italian restaurants, it’s always good to do more research. When you find yourself dining in one, remember these facts.


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