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Top Three Recipes that Use Hummus

Recipes for hummus

What is hummus used for? Everyone has probably heard about hummus before, even if they haven’t seen or tried it personally. The easy answer that most people could probably give is that hummus can be used to make some sort of spicy hummus dip. What not everyone knows, however, is that it isn’t exclusively used for dip and that there are a lot of different recipes with hummus. Here are three easy hummus recipes that you can make at home:

1. Hummus Beef

Contrary to popular belief, hummus is not a natural antithesis to meat. The hummus nutritional value does make it a healthy companion to meat, however. Mixing a pound of beef with half a pound of hummus, half a pound of chopped red onions in olive oil, and two tablespoons of parsley makes for a delicious and nutritious patty that can be cooked as you like!

2. Pasta

With enough olive oil and rice wine vinegar, hummus also suits most types of pasta just fine, whether it’s a broth-filled pasta or a more dry one. The olive oil and vinegar are meant to thin the hummus into a sort of sauce so that it can mix more finely with the pasta and make a more delicious meal. Apart from that, just make the pasta as normal!

3. Salad Dressing

As one of the more renowned recipes with hummus, this use as salad dressing deserved a mention. Two tablespoons of olive oil, a third of a cup of orange juice, and two tablespoons of hummus can be whisked together into a serviceable dressing that can be tossed into or drizzled over the remainder of the salad. What seems like the most mouth-watering hummus recipe to you? Read more blogs like this:

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