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Three Tips for Running a Mobile Cafe Franchise

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When it comes to considering ideas for a successful business, there is a lot to be said in favor of opening a mobile cafe franchise. Unlike more traditional coffee franchise opportunities, coffee vans and other mobile cafes offer an extremely flexible business model that allows you to seek out as much business as you can handle and live every day different from the last. And when you work with the right mobile cafe franchise, you can be sure you will get the training and support you will need to be a success. However, there are still a number of tips you should keep in mind to keep your mobile business running effectively. Read on to learn how to make sure this atypical venture will work for you.

Choose Your Locations Carefully
Mobile cafe franchises offer their communities a number of services, from the opportunity to book events to coffee delivery. However, when you’re not fulfilling these tasks, you will also have the chance to offer passerby a coffee break by simply parking in a busy area and opening up for business. But this will likely take some research: you’ll need to figure out which areas of your community are the busiest at various times and then learn to choose the right spot.

Use Your Branding Consistently
As a member of a mobile cafe franchise system, you will have access to an established brand identity that will give you access to a number of customers. However, you will need to be consistent in the way you use this branding if you are to maintain and benefit from this reputation. From the food and beverages you provide to the uniform you wear, it is up to you to meet the standards and expectations set by your franchise if you are both to succeed.

Create a Great Experience
While your mobile cafe franchise system will provide the initial impression that gets your coffee van into an event or invited to deliver coffee to a business, it is your service that will ensure that they turn to you for years to come. As you would if you were working with any other business, be friendly, polite and helpful; give your customers a reason to invite you back! You’ll see results if you do.

How would you meet the unique challenges and benefits of running a mobile cafe franchise? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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