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Three Delicious and Healthy Party Snacks You Can Make with Hummus Spread

Roasted garlic hummus

If you’re hosting an upcoming dinner party, don’t fall into the typical trap of buying a bunch of junk food and serving it as hors d’oeuvres. Taking the road less traveled and serving delicious, healthy food is one of your best ways to make your party stand out in the minds of your guests for a long time to come.

Now, if serving scrumptious but healthy hors d’oeuvres seems impossible to you, take heart. With a little creativity, a tub of your favorite hummus spread, and the willingness to try some new flavors, you’ll be able to make your next party one your guests — not to mention their taste buds — aren’t soon to forget.

Three Perfect Party Foods Made with Hummus Spread

  1. Mini-Pizzas Are Made All the Better with Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip
  2. Mini-pizzas can make for one of the best recipes with hummus in the world. Red sauce pizza is dangerous, both because it’s so salty and because it can easily stain your guests’ clothing — and your beautiful carpets — if something goes wrong. As the popular cooking site Delish suggests, mini-pizzas using hummus spread as the base and freshly grilled vegetables as the topping are a light, safe way to delight your guests as soon as they walk in the door.

  3. Put a Twist on the Classic Hummus Dip
  4. When it comes to party food, the classics are often the best. That’s not to say you always have to stick to the script. For Southern Living, few things help prime your guests palate like a kick of heat. Adding a chopped chili or two to your favorite brand of hummus can transform the mild spread into a spicy hummus dip that will have your guests’ tongues pleasantly tingling.

  5. Make Your Own Hummus Chips
  6. Who says that hummus always has to be a spread or a dip? Take a cookie sheet and line it with a piece of greased parchment paper. Use a spoon to put small dollops of hummus on the sheet and smooth them out into flat circles. Season to your liking and place the cookie sheet in a 375 degree oven until the hummus is crisp. Remove the cookie sheet and serve your homemade hummus chips with your favorite dip, whether that’s more hummus, salsa, or guacamole!

Are there other dishes you’ve made with different types of hummus for your parties? Share some of your easy hummus recipes with us in the comments below!

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