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Three Alternative Wedding Cake Trends for 2014

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If you’ve never perused the website Cake Wrecks, you’re in for a treat. Or perhaps, a lack of a treat, because this website exclusively features unique wedding cakes that have gone horribly, hilariously wrong. One example is a lopsided custom wedding cake done in shades of green and brown that is unappetizing in appearance, to say the least.

Wedding cakes have been a part of wedding celebrations almost as long as people have been getting married — in various forms. In Ancient Rome, the groom would break bread over the bride’s head. In medieval England, couples kissed over cakes stacked as high as possible.

Prince Leopold, the Duke of Albany, had a wedding that more firmly cemented the modern iteration of the cake: tiered, elaborated, iced and edible. Wedding cake toppers became very common in the 1950s, though it has become less standard in recent years.

What other strange things have people done to their custom wedding cakes? Here are three memorable wedding cake trends that are more alternative than most.

1. Naked Cakes

Though this cake type might have an odd title, it actually can be a very tasty alternative. These custom made cakes have buttercream or ganache fillings, but the outside parts remain unadorned by icing, often only given some fruit for flavor. This allows cakes a more rustic look and encourages the use of colorful seasonal cake flavors like carrot and pistachio.

2. His and Her Cakes

In many regions, it’s traditional to have a smaller, often funnier-themed groom’s cake in addition to the cake that is usually design by the woman. In this new theme, though, “His and Hers” unique wedding cakes instead have one side decorated for the bride, and the other for the groom. In many cases, the bride’s side gets white fondant, while the groom gets chocolate. It’s easy to see how this type of half-and-half design could get awkward looking, but with the right wedding cake shops behind it, it could flow well.

3. A Cheesy Celebration

Some brides today are looking for ways to have the traditional “cake,” without the traditional overload of sugar. In this case, the up-and-coming cake made from cheese might be a great solution. This isn’t the type of cheesecake you find on a dessert menu; instead, it’s wheels of cheeses like cheddar and Camembert assembled in tiers and served fresh. Grapes and other fruit can be used to decorate the cake and add a sweet flavor. This is also a good idea for smaller, more intimate weddings — this cake will likely take longer per slice to cut!

What type of unique wedding cakes would you consider serving? Let us know in the comments.
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