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The Top Three Uses for Paper Cups in your Cafe

Fact: the world’s best cup of coffee would be nothing without a mug to hold it. If you’re running a cafe, deli, or coffee shop, it’s important to think not just of the quality of your product, but also the quality of your containers. Customers are busy and they need everything to be handheld as they jettison from one venue to the next. As you plan your inventory, be sure you have high quality cups with lids for these items.


Never underestimate the power of coffee cups with lids. The average American drinks about one and a half cups of coffee every day, both in the morning and between meals throughout the rest of the day. While some drinkers can power through nine ounces of black coffee in one short sitting, many will need to sip their coffee over the course of an hour (or several hours). Offering to-go cups with lids as an add-on is a nice touch and ensures that less coffee goes to waste.


Containers with lids aren’t strictly for hot liquids, however. They work perfectly for carrying cream, milk, and almond/soy milk when to accompany large carafes of coffee at a larger event. Two thirds of all coffee drinkers choose to enjoy with some cream and/or sugar, so having it available in a receptacle that you don’t have to track down later is a win for everyone.


Americans eat 10 billion bowls of soup every year, and one third of all delis are actively working on expanding their soup options. Like it or not, the soup craze is here to stay. While you can look into expanding into hot soup containers, paper hot cups with lids can double as paper soup cups as well for to-go orders. Hot liquid is hot liquid, and busy professionals will often take both their soup and their coffee to go.

Your paper cups and containers are not just receptacles for coffee and soup: they’re large business cards that your customers carry with them. Whether you have custom paper cups or sturdy white disposable coffee cups, your containers should represent the same quality and care that you put into the products themselves.

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