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The Most Popular Italian Dishes

Italian food is extremely popular in America. Nearly every city has quality Italian restaurants. With different regions in Italy comes a plethora of traditional Italian foods. Whether you are preparing the meal yourself or going to your local Italian restaurant, there are plenty of classics to choose from.

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In this video, you will learn about ten famous Italian specialties.

Pasta Alla Carbonara is extremely popular. This pasta dish generally consists of pasta, pecorino cheese, a type of pork (sometimes bacon), and black pepper. This meal is usually available at the majority of Italian restaurants.

Another famous dish is Arancini. While not as readily available as pasta or pizza, Arancini is still pretty popular. These delicious stuffed rice balls are fried and sometimes served as an appetizer. There are regional variations for this dish. Sometimes they are stuffed with tomato sauce, peas, and other veggies. Continue watching the video to see what other Italian gems are out there!.

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