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The Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Updated 09/06/22

Many people’s kitchens act as a gathering space, as well as places to prepare delicious meals and where families create many wonderful memories. It makes remodeling the kitchen more appealing since most of us associate the room with many happy memories. Therefore, finding a business that performs home renovations may be necessary if you are dissatisfied with how your kitchen looks and operates.

The approximate cost of kitchen renovation is $34,000. But the approximate cost of kitchen remodel is heavily influenced by the materials chosen and the dimensions. Since this might be a significant and expensive endeavor, many people opt to remodel certain parts of their kitchens but often ask, ‘are kitchen cabinets expensive?’ The approximate cost of kitchen cabinets is around $8,000, although the price varies greatly depending on what you get.

Remodeling kitchen cabinets will significantly impact how your kitchen looks and may raise your house’s value. Investing in new cabinets and countertops will significantly improve your kitchen performance if you can’t afford a total renovation. However, you need to evaluate the adjustments you want to make and the reasons behind them to help you get the desired outcomes.

When you are unhappy with your kitchen, you may need to find a company that does kitchen remodels to change the way it looks and functions. The average cost of kitchen addition is about $34,000. This can be a big project that is highly expensive, so many people elect to renovate their current kitchens rather than building on a new one. The average cost of cabinets and countertops is about $8,000, but the price depends a lot on what you are getting. The materials that are used and the size of the cabinets and countertops have a lot to do with the price.

The average cost of kitchen cabinet remodel is about $5,000. This can make an enormous difference in the way your kitchen looks. It can also increase the value of your home. If there is a lot that you want changed in your kitchen, the average cost of kitchen makeover is about $16,000. If you aren’t able to pay for a complete makeover, getting new cabinets and countertops can greatly change the way your kitchen functions as well as the way it looks. With a new kitchen, you will enjoy spending time in your kitchen more than before.

The best kitchen remodeling tips are tips that are not as general as you might think. People choose to remodel their kitchen for a wide range of reasons, and if you ask any real estate expert, they will tell you it is a really good choice.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, according to the experts. A kitchen remodeling project can add value to your home, but frankly, that is not why most people decide to follow the best kitchen remodeling tips. If you are selling a property and can only afford to rehab one room, the kitchen is the best room to rehab. Most people are not selling their property but decide to remodel their kitchen for some very personal reasons.

The Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home

For many people, the kitchen is not only a place to prepare great meals, but it is also a place of gathering. Many great family memories are made right in the kitchen. There is something about this room that houses fridge freezers and other appliances that make it feel like a safe space. Some heavy conversations happen in the kitchen. People seem to reconnect in the kitchen and leave their worries at the threshold.

Maybe a kitchen remodel holds such appeal for people because it is the place that they found nourishment as a child and it holds many fond memories. It could just be that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and the attitude is why not make the room appealing.

What’s Your Reason?

Following the best kitchen remodeling tips is a good way to help reach your kitchen goals, but of course, you need to define your goals first. What is motivating you to follow the best kitchen remodeling tips?

Are you interested in creating a gathering space or are you more interested in function? Maybe you want a space that can do it all. Your very first step in a successful remodeling project is to do a little soul searching and really consider what it is that you expect out of your kitchen.

Homeowners report that remodeling their kitchen has resulted in:

  • They make healthier food choices when they are home thanks to their new kitchen.
  • They find themselves cooking more and doing it with their partner.
  • They eat out less and really enjoy cooking at home.

Remodeling the kitchen will not necessarily be life-changing, but a new kitchen can bring you a lot of joy, and improve your quality of life. Evaluating the changes that you want to make, and why you want to make them, can help to give you the results that you expect.

Set Yourself Up for Success

One of the best kitchen remodeling tips does not have a lot to do with the actual remodeling; it has to do with the planning phase. The quickest way to kill the positive vibe of getting a new kitchen is to not fully plan your project.

Plan for every detail, even the details that seem over the top. For example, you should consult with a tax lawyer about the potential tax changes to your property when you start upgrading things around the house. It is always best to go into any remodeling project with your eyes wide open. If, down the line, the tax assessor makes their rounds and eyes the extension you added to house your newly extended kitchen, you do not want to get blindsided by a larger assessment. If you know what the potential is for things to change you can plan for it.

Of course, you want to plan for how far you are taking this remodel. Are you thinking about just replacing appliances, countertops and maybe painting the cabinets, or are you changing the footprint of the entire kitchen and maybe adding some premium vinyl windows to complete the look?

Plan out every detail, and you will not be taken back by any surprises. Here are some of the best tips for kitchen remodeling and planning:

  • Know your limitations. A lot of homeowners are DIY addicts. You can’t really blame anyone for thinking that DIY is the solution for everything when there is so much information available about how to DIY everything. However, this is your kitchen, the goal is to get everything done on your list, and get it done right. Hire professionals to manage highly skilled projects. Hiring plumbers for the appliance installs and the fixtures mean you can focus on other areas that you may be good at. Know what you can and cannot do then plan on hiring someone that can help.
  • Budget, budget, budget. It is best to set a budget from the very beginning then doing the best you can to stick to it. Of course, you want to remain somewhat flexible, but keep in mind that a hundred extra here and a hundred extra there can really start to add up. New shiny things for the kitchen can be very tempting. Stick to your budget plan unless you really have to divert for some reason.
  • Connect with a contractor that you trust. This might be someone who came to help out your residential garage door repair or a recommendation from a family member. While you are in the planning stage do your research. Look at contractor’s portfolios, read reviews, talk to people that you know that have had kitchen remodeling done. When you are ready to hire you will have a group of thoroughly researched contractors to choose from.

The best kitchen remodeling tips will help you to ensure that you are doing all that you can during the planning phase to ensure that your project comes together seamlessly. Plan on spending at least a month in your planning phase to give it the attention that it deserves.

How Will You Pay for Your Kitchen Remodeling?

No best kitchen remodeling tips would be complete without at least mentioning options for paying for the remodeling. Making the right choices can help to save you money now and on interest in the future.

Working with certified financial planners can help you to save for your kitchen remodeling. Of course, if you decide that being able to renovate your kitchen without taking on debt working with a financial planner can really pay off and help you meet your goals faster.

If you do not want to wait to remodel your kitchen, there are other ways to pay for the remodeling. Here are a few ways you can pay for your kitchen remodel:

  • Consider tapping into the equity in your home. An equity line of credit can make paying for your kitchen remodeling affordable. A line of credit based on the equity in your home allows you to tap into the equity of your home but you do not have to use it all, you can use it in increments up to the amount of equity you have been approved for. The interest rates on these types of lines of credit are reality low.
  • Supplier or contractor financing. Many companies offer financing options for things like home doors, windows, cabinets, appliances, and even flooring. Do pay attention to the interest rate and the terms of the financing to ensure that you can afford to make those payments.
  • Combine resources. A lot of people use a combination of resources. You can use part of your savings, charge some of the costs to credit cards, and finance your new air conditioner system which technically isn’t for the kitchen remodeling but still very much needed.

If you are going to use credit, be sure that you do not run up all your credit. You always want to be sure that you still have emergency credit and funds available. Moving forward with your kitchen remodeling while keeping an eye on your overall financial picture is vital. You do not want to pour everything you have into your kitchen remodeling and leave yourself short.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Managing Workers

If you have never had to deal with workers in and out of your house it can be a bit stressful. A lot of homeowners follow the best kitchen remodeling tips and hire on a general contractor to manage their kitchen remodel, but of course, that comes with a price.

A GC (general contractor) will be your point of contact, and they will handle all the other workers that will be needed to get your kitchen done. If you are trying to be as DIY as you can then you will act as your own GC. That means that you will have to do all the leg work to find those plumbers, electricians, countertop experts, flooring people, and more. You will also have to supervise the process to ensure that everything gets done to your standard.

The convenience of having a general contractor on-site managing the project is many people feel, worth the expense. Other people want to save as much as they can by doing a big chunk of the work for themselves. If you are in the latter category follow these best kitchen remodeling tips for managing workers:

  • Make sure you are dealing with certified people. Handymen are great for certain things, but you do not want to skimp when it comes to code regulated things like electrical or plumbing work. Be sure that you choose workers that are certified to do what you are hiring them to do.
  • Be careful who you let in your home. Make sure that you hire fully licensed people that do background checks of their employees. Safety should always be a priority.
  • Check references. An alarming number of people never check references. Ask for references then check them. You can learn a lot about someone’s work ethic and their skill set by asking people that they have worked for.

If you are going to oversee your kitchen remodel on your own, be sure that you follow the best kitchen remodeling tips above to get the best results.

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Preparing Your Home

You are finally at the place where your kitchen remodel can begin. The excitement can be felt in the air especially if you are a foodie that cannot wait to get in that new kitchen to whip up some new recipes, but alas, you still have a few more things to do to get prepared.

A kitchen remodel can upset the whole household for a while but if you follow the best kitchen remodeling tips the process will be less upsetting:

  • Pack away anything that is meaningful to you. It is always better to put your stuff away than risk it getting damaged. For example, that wonderful set of glasses that you inherited from grandma is too important to leave up to chance.
  • Invest in plastic runners for your carpeted areas in adjoining rooms. While you may be thinking that there is no reason for workers to be in your living room, they may have to walk through because it is the easiest route. Cover up carpeting with plastic runners to save some stress.
  • Keep children and pets out of the way. It can be hard to keep the kids and the pets away from all the action, but plan to keep them out of the way of workers by setting up alternate arrangements or coming up with ways to keep them busy.

You also will want to plan on eating for a few days. Depending on the amount of work that you are having done, it may be a week or longer that you will have to make other arrangements for meals. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use your dishwasher, stove, and other appliances during the time that the kitchen is being remodeled.

Prepare for delays. A lot of kitchen remodeling projects come together without any hiccups, some take a different route. Often there are small delays, sometimes a real estate attorney has to get involved to negotiate the issues. In all cases, it is always best to prepare for the worst-case scenario just so you can be ready for anything.

A new kitchen can really enhance the quality of your life. Even for people that are not that interested in being a great cook, there is just something so appealing about having a comfortable space that looks great and is highly functional.

The best kitchen remodeling tips will make the entire process easier and help you reach your kitchen goals fast.


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