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See Why These Delicious Vegatables Have Everybody Talkoing

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There is a vegetable craze that is sweeping high end restaurants and home dining tables alike, microgreens. If you haven’t heard of them you may be a bit behind the times, microgreens have been around for about 20-30 years. But don’t there is time the present to enjoy these delicious greens.

What Are Microgreens
Microgreens can refer to several different tiny vegatable greens that are used both for their visual and flavor qualities. Specialty produce growers chose to grow microgreens for their delicious flavors, which can vary anywhere from spicy to sweet, and their beautiful vibrant colors. Not all Microgreens are created equal they are generally rated on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). Quality rating of 3 and up is usually preferred in the market. A rating of less than three means an unmarketable product.

Where Can You Find Microgreens?
Since the 80s several chefs have used microgreens to elevate the taste and color of their dishes. In fact, upscale restaurants makes up approximately 10% of total U.S. restaurant sales. With the average fine dining cost per person about $28.55, more Americans are dining at upscale restaurants. In fact surveys show visits to fine-dining restaurants were up 3% in the past year. Even though microgreens are found in is some of the best restaurants in the world, you can still find local producers who grow microgreens or purchase them at a specialty produce store near you. If you are trying to get your kids to eat their greens mnicrogreens might be the ticket. Studies show that children prefer 6 food colors and 7 varying food components while adults settle at 3 colors and 3 food components. With microgreens you can easily add that extra visual and delicious touch for your kids. Just remember that for best results, microgreens should be stored at around 39.2 degrees fahrenheit.

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