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Over 35% Of All Weddings Are Outdoor Occasions How To Spice Up Your Reception

Play golf

What’s the trendiest wedding nowadays?

It can be a good idea to look up some cool wedding concepts so you’re not wallowing in stress when the special day comes along. There are neat venues you can check out to host all your guests. There are great party ideas you can jot down on your schedule to ensure the night is just as lively as the afternoon. In a short? There is a lot out there just waiting for you. Who knows? Maybe a championship golf course or brunch menu could be the secret ingredient your wedding has been looking for all along.

Data provided by Hudson Valley Weddings found 35% of all weddings happening outdoors. Let’s see why that is!

A premier golf course is one such reason why. It’s a long-standing tradition, an old-fashioned and relaxed way of enjoying the outdoors. Not a fan of golf? Perhaps you have some party guests who are on the more conservative side of things when it comes to getting active. No problem! One of the best traits about golf club events is how accessible they are. A championship golf course can be a great wedding idea for its ability to bring people together, teach them a few new tricks and encourage a healthy, competitive spirit…and that’s before you start mixing the spirits! Although the game has quite a large fanbase across the world, the rules aren’t hard to pick up for beginners.

Just like any other sport, golf rules are fairly strict and should be adhered to at all times (with obvious exceptions for parties and beginners who just want to have fun!) The maximum amount of clubs a player is allowed to have in their bag at any one time is 14. A common rule-of-thumb for a respectful golf game is to stay silent when another player is gearing up for a swing, to minimize distraction and increase their chances of scoring a point. No more than one practice swing, either! These rules have been built carefully over the years, cementing the history that swims beneath every championship golf course.

The United States has a long and healthy golf history. By the time the 1900’s rolled around there were over 1,000 golf clubs! Contrary to popular belief, a championship golf course can also be a great way to lose some pounds. A 175-pound man, for example, can burn up to 460 calories by carrying his clubs during an hour of conventional play. Your average nine hole course can total up to two and a half miles of walking! A wedding can be a great opportunity to learn to play golf and make some new friends in the process.

Brunch is also a wonderful idea to whet people’s appetite for the big event. The average budget for the wedding ceremony alone can be around $28,000. It’s more common for brides to spend an average of $1,000 on their rehearsal dinners, to boot, so checking out a holiday brunch menu can be a good use of your time and money. A survey found over 65% of respondents saying ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch menus (such as Italian or Japanese) are a great way to add something new to a classic trend.

A trendy and fun wedding can also be a simple one. Looking at golf club social events or adding a delicious brunch menu for your reception can transform an intense day into a relaxing memory for all.

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