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It’s a Snack, It’s a Meal, It’sHummus!

Hummus spreads

If you?re like many Canadians, you may have started to catch on to a major emerging food trend occurring in the country and worldwide in recent years: hummus. More and more Canadians and Americans are regularly consuming hummus and finding new uses for hummus spreads, increasing its prevalence in grocery stores and encouraging new manufacturers to produce their own version of the classic Mediterranean snack. Today there are several popular brands of hummus and flavors of hummus, and the numbers are only growing. What’s the reason for this? After all, it wasn’t long ago that most people of the West had never even heard of the stuff before.

Health Benefits of Hummus

One reason hummus consumption is on the rise may be linked to recent health, nutrition, and diet movements worldwide. People are looking for healthier snack and meal options that still taste good, and hummus happens to be a perfect candidate.

First off, hummus is a good source of protein. Many people consume meat as their primary source of protein, but overconsumption of meat (red meat especially) carries its own health hazards, such as increased blood pressure and risk of cancer. Canada’s Food Guide states that three-fourths of a cup of hummus can equate to one Food Guide serving of meat. So for those looking to cut back on their meat intake, or eliminate it from their diet entirely, they might consider introducing some hummus recipes to their list of dishes.

Not only is does hummus contain healthy amounts of protein, it is also rich in folate (Vitamin B, essentially), containing 36% of the recommended intake in just one cup. There are several benefits of consuming the proper amount of folate, such as lowering risks of cancer and heart disease.

A Snack for Every Occasion

There’s more to hummus than its nutritional advantages, however. Part of the reason for its increased popularity is its versatility. Hummus can be used in many ways and enjoyed at any occasion. Throwing a high class party for colleagues and need hors d’oeuvres ideas? Consider deviled eggs filled with hummus, or hummus filled tomatoes. Need to find something quick and easy to bring to a friend’s house party? Buy or make a hummus dip and bring along some pita chips, pretzels, and/or other crunchy snacks to dip. Even if you’re spending an evening alone, hummus will always be there to snack on, guilt free.

Creative and Fun Uses for Hummus Spreads

Hummus is typically advertised as something to be dipped into, but it has more applications than just this. There are truly several uses for hummus spreads, with more and more being discussed online each week.

One surprising use for hummus is pasta sauce. The hummus is mixed with a liquid such as milk or broth to create a saucy consistency, then additional flavors like garlic are added. Hummus can also be used as a sandwich spread, much like mayonnaise or peanut butter. Hummus can even be transformed into a salad dressing with the right ingredients!

The increased prevalence and popularity of hummus actually makes a lot of sense. People want to try new things these days, eat healthier, and also keep things simple. Hummus is a versatile snack that can be eaten with just about anything, enjoyed at any occasion, and transformed into spreads, dips, sauces, and more.

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