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How to Have Brunch With Santa

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Golf course greens are admired around the world for their serene, peaceful setting and classy, exquisite facilities. There is much more to do at a golf club than simply playing golf, as more and more people are renting golf courses out for their personal or business events. By the year 1990 there were over a thousand golf clubs in the U.S.; that number has only grown today. Here is everything you need to know about renting your own golf course.

Golf Course Rental

Many people simply rent out a course to play golf. Players can carry a maximum of 14 clubs at one time during a normal, stipulated round. They say that golf is the sport of businessmen, giving it a reputation as the game of the social elite. Golf is extremely healthy as a 175 LB man can burn up to 460 calories if he carries his own clubs during an hour of play — a nine hole course can be up to a 2.5 mile trek. The professionals on TV make it look easy, as the chance of getting two holes-in-one during a single round of golf is approximately 67 million to one.


Just taking off in the states in recent years, brunch is a curious symphony of breakfast and lunch that first began in England over 30 years ago. Many golf clubs hold a Sunday brunch buffet that gives their members a chance to socialize and bring their families out. A survey of buffet-goers found that up to 67% of them believed ethnic-inspired breakfast and lunch items like Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, and coconut milk pancakes were exotic restaurant trends for 2015. For the holidays many clubs offer a brunch with Santa. Children especially will enjoy having their brunch with Santa Clause, making it an event for the whole family.


Hudson Valley Weddings has stated that up to 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. Today the average budget for the wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385; in 2013 brides spent an average of $1,184 on the rehearsal dinner alone and $457 on their morning-after brunch. Having your wedding at a golf club can help families save money, especially if they are members.

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