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Hidden Delicacies to Order at Chinese Restaurants

Over the past few decades, Chinese cuisine has seen significant growth in America and many other parts of the world. However, many diners in Chinese restaurants do not order some dishes considered hidden delights. This video will enlighten you about some of China’s best-kept culinary secrets so that you can enjoy Chinese food to its fullest.

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Try Zha Jiang Mian instead of the more familiar Lo Mein noodles. The secret ingredient is fermented soybean paste, which gives the stir-fried pork and thick wheat noodles a salted, tangy, and savory surge of taste. Swap out the Wonton soup and Crab Rangoon for the Xiao Long Bao soup dumplings for a more exciting, flavorful experience.
Cong You Bing will change your life forever. They have the texture of egg rolls but are tastier, crunchier, and chewy. Sichuan pork, commonly known as “poached pig slices,” is another must-try if you’re interested in authentic Sichuan food. The pork is preserved by simmering it in broth after it’s coated with egg whites and starch, giving it a softer texture and keeping it from drying.
Ask for the secret menu the next time you go to a Chinese restaurant, as dozens of delicious items are likely kept under wraps.

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