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Getting the Right Wine for a Wedding

Wine stands as one of the most popular beverages around the world, and it has been made since the days of the ancient Greeks to today. Wineries can often be found in France, Italy, and the American state of California, where vineyards make the grapes for this fine drink, and famously, vintage wine bottles may fetch high prices at auctions. For regular customers, meanwhile, many brands of wineries are available to choose from, and different types of wine, from red or white to dry to fruity, are out there for nearly any palate. Some customers visit wineries in Oregon or California to get their choice of wine bottles, and other customers, if there is no vineyard nearby, may instead order wine online, and the bottles will be delivered by truck. For a wedding, wine is a staple for the reception lunch or dinner, and a wedding planning party is bound to include wine on the menu or at least have it available in the open bar. Wine, live music, and bouquets of flowers and fine china can all make a wedding reception meal a classy event. Just how popular is wine today in the United States?

Wine in the USA

North America is not the birthplace of wine, but Americans make up a sizeable part of the global market for this alcoholic drink, and in California, around 90% of the nation’s wine is brewed and sold at vineyards, and the best natural wines might just be a short drive away. As of 2010, there were some 6,941 wineries across the United States, with more being built every year, and there are plenty of customers for this drink from coast to coast. As of 2016, for a more recent example, 949 million gallons of wine in total were consumed, and many of these drinkers are younger. Those of the Millennial generation, born from 1982-1995, are very fond of wine, and USA Today released data showing that Millennials consumed 42% of all wine in the United States in 2015, and that added up to 159.6 million cases of wine. Further, in January 2016, 17% of Millennials spent $20 or more on a bottle of wine, and among those who drink more than once per week, they consumed 3.1 glasses on average at each sitting.

Wine can be bought in person at a winery, but for an event like a wedding, it may be more convenient to order a large amount of bottles and have it delivered to various wedding venues, and wine companies should be happy to oblige. They might even offer discounts for bulk orders, though customers should check for such deals first.

Wine, Live Music, and More

Wine, as mentioned above, is often a staple at weddings across the nation, and wedding planners will have a lot to juggle for a reception meal and dance. Live music can be hired, and live music can be done when a specialized wedding band is brought on board. Live music from a wedding band can be a lot of fun, since such band members will know which songs are most popular at weddings and how to balance fast versus slower songs. Aside from live music, the open bar can be well-stocked with all kinds of wine for different tastes among the guests, and this can range from different flavors and brands if so desired. Wine can also be a part of the meal’s menu along with the dishes themselves, and crystal wine glasses can look very elegant for a ballroom style wedding. Conversely, if the budget demands it or if a wedding has a more semi-casual tone, such as at a beach or at a farm, plastic wine glasses can be used. They can still look elegant, and will not shatter easily and most of all are less expensive than glass drinking vessels.

Those ordering wine may also note that wine is sensitive to temperature, and may be ruined if it sits in the warm back of a truck’s cargo bay. For this reason, trucks delivering wine may bring them to a warehouse near the customer’s residence, then alert the customer about this and place the wine in a cooler or freezer unit there until the customer can pick it up in person.

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