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From Honey Bears To Pollen Supplements How Honeybees Enrich Our Lives

Honey is delicious. We put it in our oatmeal, our soap bars and our drinks. What’s not to love?

With bee pollen supplements on the rise and organic honey bears for sale dominating many small and large grocery outlets, it’s not hard to see why more people are becoming curious about the art of beekeeping. It’s a fulfilling hobby that generates delicious results, keeping bees in business as they keep you in business. It’s not an easy task, however, and it requires a lot of research to do properly. This means investing in beekeeping equipment, becoming familiar with raw bee pollen and embracing all their is to know about nature’s tireless little workers.

What should you know before starting your very own beekeeping business?

Beekeeper Hat

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of a beekeeper? For many it’s the iconic hat that pops to mind, both for its unique design and its unique function. The beekeeper hat is an essential component to creating honey bears for sale. To make a single pound of honey a honey bee has to fly around 90,000 miles. How far is that? That’s as much as three times around the glove. What else should you buy to make bulk honey for sale?

Beekeeping Gloves

Bees may be cute, but they’re pretty tough. Their stings are incredibly painful and some people are even allergic to them! Beekeeping gloves are just an other part of the beekeeping ensemble, sturdy enough to hold up to repeated use while being flexible enough to help you use your beekeeping equipment. The average honey bee will produce one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime, which is pretty impressive when you take into account their small size!

Beekeeping Tools

There are quite a few beekeeping tools required to take good care of your colony. Back in 2014 there were nearly three million honeybee colonies in the United States, a number that is carefully tracked by the USDA in light of the shrinking honeybee population. The number of colonies managed by human beekeepers recently reached its highest amount in 20 years, meaning it’s never been a better time to pick up some tools. Your basics should make sure your colonies are carefully protected during all seasons.

Bee Hive Smoker

What’s something no beekeeper can do without? A proper bee hive smoker. Bees boast a complex society of workers and drones that take care of a queen, who will jump to her defense at even the slightest possibility of danger. Smoke is a simple and effective way of getting bees to calm down, allowing you to reach in and do what needs to be done to cultivate your honey. From cleaning to gathering honeycomb, a bee hive smoker really is one of your best tools.

Creating Organic Honey And Bee Pollen

The beekeeping basics are only getting more popular from here. When local bee populations are shrinking and customers are ever hungry for honey and pollen products, it’s thanks to the tireless efforts of both bee and keeper we’re able to enjoy such great results. Today North Dakota leads the way in honey production with over 33 million pounds of honey produced. The retail price of honey also doubled back in 2006. Whether you want to create honey bears for sale with your own unique spin or some honey candy for an event, the sky’s the limit for this delicious ingredient.

How will honey sweeten up your life this year?

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