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Fresh Seafood Delivered to Your Door

Stone crab claws

Did you know that stone crabs are renowned for their savory claws? Of course, the only way you would know this is if you have eaten them in the past. Even then, you might disagree with the above opinion, depending upon your idea of “savory.” If you have never eaten stone crab claws, you might want to experience them with either classic mustard sauce or butter. This recommendation is based upon the proven fact that the above condiments are the perfect complements to draw out the flavor of the sweet claw meat.

When it comes to finding the best stone crab claws, the southwest coast of Florida is ground-zero. In fact, it is the only place on earth where the commercial harvesting of stone crabs occurs. While the same area is renowned for freshwater shrimp, lobsters, and the other fresh seafood delivered to buyers across North America, stone crabs just might be the most sought after of all Florida Keys seafood.

The good news is you don’t have to take a trip to the Florida Keys to get your stone crabs or lobster tails, because you can have fresh seafood delivered right to your door. Even though some people might think buying seafood online is strange. But where do they think their favorite supermarket gets the fish, shrimp, crab, and lobster they sell? Well, they order it from seafood companies who deliver it long distance.

When seafood lovers choose to have fresh seafood delivered to their doors, they can order exactly what they want in the exact quantities that they want it. While large supermarkets do have a rather wide selection of seafood, it is impossible for them to offer a selection as wide as what they can find online.

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