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Flowers, Herbs, And Microgreens Edible Food Accents Add More To A Dish

In the United States and around the world, food is important. Food is important for many reasons, some are obvious. For example, food helps us live. However, food is also important in society today because of the increase in fine dining and social media influence. To be more specific, approximately millions of American individuals visit fine-dining restaurants, today. Additionally, American people spend an average of $28.55 on their fine dining experience, but it’s all worth it. After sampling incredible meals, people also document the meals they consume. This is through social media. They take pictures, post, and show the world the food their eating. Nowadays, people travel to their homes with a desire to recreate or create dishes that can be considered fine dining. If you want to create fine dining dishes and share them with the world, here’s what you need to know about edible food accents.


The first edible food accent many individuals use in fine dining is microgreens. This is understandable because microgreens have been around for about 20-30 years. By definition, microgreens are tiny edible greens that are derived from a young vegetable, herb or other plants. They are described as “tiny” because they are 1 to 1.5 inches long (this includes the stem and leaves of the micro green). This makes microgreens ideal for an edible food accent.

What Can Microgreens Be An Accent For?

Soups: Whether you use organic micro greens, petite microgreens, or micro herbs, they are ideal for soups. Microgreens can add color to otherwise colorless soups. This is ideal for taking and posting pictures of your fine dining-esque meals. Microgreens also add flavor to soups, and can make soups taste more refreshing.

Salads: Adding microgreens to salads is definitely a benefit to your creation of fine dining meals. Using microgreens as a food accent for salads expands the color of your salad, and makes for an ideal picture. Microgreens can also add extra vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to your salad. Therefore, when you eat a salad with microgreens, you’re getting an increase of the items that make you healthy. Lastly, microgreens can add volume to your salad and can make it look esthetically pleasing.

Meats: You can add microgreens to the top of your meat and in the sauce you use for meats. Similar to soups and salads, adding microgreens to your meat and the sauce that accompanies it, adds color to your dish. So, when you document your creation of a fine dining dish, you’ll have a very colorful meat dish. In addition, microgreens add an interesting and refreshing texture to your meat dish.

Crystallized Edible Flowers

Crystallized flowers can also be used as a food accent. Unlike microgreens, crystallized flowers are an ideal garnish for desserts. Yes, they add more to a sweet dish!

Crystallized flowers come in many different forms, from herb crystals, a crystallized pansy, and a crystallized rose; to a crystallized rose petal and a crystallized viola. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to impress.

Sugar Flowers For Cupcakes: You can use a crystallized viola as an accent to cupcakes. A crystallized viola adds a sweeter element to cupcakes, as well as an interesting texture. Additionally, a crystallized viola will make all your cupcakes look unique. You can choose the colors of the crystallized viola to match your favorite color, a party scheme, and much more!

Sugar Flowers For Wedding Cakes: A crystallized viola as well as other flowers are not only accents for cupcakes or sweet treats you may have at birthday parties or holiday parties. You can also use a crystallized viola and other flowers as an edible accent for wedding cakes. If crystallized violas or other flowers are your favorite, you can place them on your wedding cake, in the colors that match your wedding. Not only will this make for a delicious cake, but it will be something your guests haven’t seen before. Your cake will appear like those in fine dining, or cakes that are straight out of a fairytale. If you’re getting married definitely consider an edible accent for your wedding cake!

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