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Firestix Make Great Additions to Holiday Meals

Micro herbs

Are you prepping your house for the inevitable rash of guests you will be hosting this holiday season? People expect a certain level of class and hospitality from you. Turn their expectations on end with cool Firestix microgreens.

Firestix are cool embellishments that can be thrown onto salads and other holiday meals. With Firestix, your guests will wonder where you got such a cool addition from, and you can decide whether to keep your secret to only yourself or whether to share your cool find with everyone with whom you come into contact. These delicious additions are perfect for holiday meals that extend well beyond December too. Try them out for your Valentine in February and for your Easter guests come March and April; and while you are purchasing these delectable additions, try out other great options like flower crystals, microgreens, herb crystals, basil crystals and edible flowers too.

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