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Finding Uses and Recipes for the Versatile Peanut

Everyone knows the feeling, when you feel like grabbing a snack but you just cannot quite put your finger on what would satisfy your craving. Most of the time, you are hoping for something tasty and quick, and you do not want to have to worry about a lot of complex or time consuming preparation or cleanup. So what could fit those requirements? Sometimes overlooked as some of the simplest solutions are, peanuts and peanut products could be the answer you are looking for.

What can I make with peanuts?

Whether you are looking for something quick to munch on around the house, or you want something simple when you are on the go, peanuts are a great option. Rather than resorting to junk food, which is usually the easiest to grab, having a container of peanuts handy could be much better for you. And if you are looking for something a little more substantial than a handful of peanuts, you could always prepare something earlier, when you have a bit more time on your hands, that will allow you to indulge in something tasty when you are in a rush.

For example, how effortless would it be to throw together some peanuts with some sunflower seeds, raisins, dark chocolate pieces, other nuts, and some dried fruit for a delicious trail mix to grab and go on your way, whether you are on your way to work, an adventure, or anything in between. But the options do seem to be endless when it comes to recipes for snacks and goodies that you can make with peanuts. From different kinds of cookies, brownies, and snack bars to homemade peanut butter or a perfect addition for your salad, peanuts are a great jumping off point for adding all kinds of delicious goodness to your snack or meal menu.

Making use of various peanut products
Peanut uses and peanut snack ideas may be endless, but it does not end there. There are also different types of peanut products as well. Peanut oil is one such product, and peanut oil uses can be just as varied as, if not more so than the recipes you find or come up with for peanuts. For example, turkey fryer peanut oil has become a popular trend, and one that delivers incredibly delicious results. Think of those times, around the holidays, when you have so much to plan, do, or get around, and cooking a turkey all day begins to seem like an impossible feat. For a faster, and delectably crispy, savory alternative to the often lengthy process of thawing and cooking that turkey, many people turn to a turkey fryer, which utilizes peanut oil for the process.

Turkey fryer peanut oil can even be reused if it is handled and stored correctly. You can even plan quite a ways in advance if you need to, as turkey fryer peanut oil can be stored for about six months to a year if it is properly sealed and not stored in direct light or heat.

The overall greatness of the peanut

It is hard to go wrong with peanuts and peanut products. One study showed that those people who ate peanuts and peanut products ended up with higher amounts of the recommended daily allowances of vitamins A and E, iron, dietary fiber, and other essential vitamins, minerals, and ingredients than those who did not consumer peanuts. As a whole, those who ate peanuts tended to have diets that were much higher quality than those who did not. Perhaps the best part about peanuts is that there are no genetically modified brands or varieties. In stark contrast to many food products today, the peanut today is 99.9% identical to its ancestors, an impressive feat in the world today.

Whether it is turkey fryer peanut oil or good old peanuts in your trail mix, there are so many great options for indulging in the tasty snack.

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