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Exciting and Delicious Hummus Recipes

Classic mild salsa

Hummus dips have enjoyed an increasing popularity over the past couple of decades. Although hummus spread is especially popular among more health-conscious individuals, hummus is not the sole province of dieters and nutrition fanatics. Because hummus is one of those food products that is both delicious and fairly nutritious.

One of the coolest things about hummus is its versatility. The very nature of its simplicity means that there are countless ways that it can be prepared. Just to get an idea of a few different hummus spread recipes, just look at the hummus brands you can find on the shelves of your favorite grocery store. For example, just about ever grocery store carries different varieties of hummus, including roasted garlic hummus dip, roasted red pepper hummus dip, tahini hummus dip, among others.

While more Americans continue to discover new varieties of hummus spreads, it is unlikely that many have a clue where it comes from. Even though it may be relatively new to many folks in the United States, hummus is an ancient food that originated in the Middle East. Regardless of the recipe, all hummus begins with mashing chickpeas, and adding sesame, lemon, and garlic. Olive oil and tahini are two other ingredients that are commonly used in preparing hummus dip.

As mentioned above, hummus spreads are very popular among health conscious people, particularly vegetarians, because it is a nutirious source of protein, fiber, iron, folate, and Vitamins C and B6. Recipes that require olive oil are also high in healthy monosaturated and polysaturated fats. Since strict vegans and vegetarians don’t consume any kind of mean, including chicken and fish, many of them consider hummus a staple food, because it is one of their primary sources of protein.

Whether you prefer mild hummus spread or roasted garlic hummus dip, there are more options than ever on the shelf of your favorite supermarket. Although it is possible to make your own, why bother when Sabra hummus offers everything a hummus lover could ask for? Find more:

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