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Do You Enjoy Peanuts and Peanut Butter? Here Are a Few Facts on One of America’s Favorite Foods

Peanut allergy causes

Most Americans love their peanut butter. Recent data shows that roughly 94% of United States’ households have at least one jar on-hand. Chances are that they have several. Just one reason for this is because while some household members may prefer their peanut butter creamy, others may prefer it chunky or extra chunky.

It’s important to note that real peanut butter must contain a minimum of 90% peanuts. This is a regulation set forth by the Food and Drug Association. Furthermore, for those individuals that are concerned about genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, there aren’t any GMO peanuts currently on the market. The peanut that we know and love today is actually 99.9% identical to its ancestors!

In addition to loving their peanut butter, Americans also enjoy eating raw or roasted peanuts. Since there are four basic types of peanuts, some Americans may have a preference for one type over another. Runners, Spanish, Valencias, and Virginias are all popular. It would not be surprising to learn that some people reach for all four types of peanuts when they go to their local market.

Many adults are concerned about their cholesterol levels and whether or not there is cholesterol in peanuts. While there is cholesterol in peanuts, it’s the “good” type of cholesterol. Given this, it’s not surprising that the average American consumes over six pounds of peanut products every year. Furthermore, when someone consumes just a one-ounce serving of peanuts, they’re receiving seven grams of protein along with a variety of vitamins and fiber.

Other adults have concerns about whether or not peanuts and peanut products can cause allergic reactions. Parents in particular may be concerned about their children’s consumption of peanuts because they may have exhibited peanut allergy symptoms in the past. Fortunately for peanut and peanut butter lovers, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has reported that most children are able to safely consume peanuts and foods that contain peanuts. Recent figures indicate that this is the case with over 98% of children within the United States.

Since you’re most likely a peanut and peanut butter lover, you may be interested in learning more about the nutritional value of peanuts and how you can use them in recipes. There are quite a few resources available where you can gain valuable information and tips, such as The National Peanut Board.

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