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Discover Popular Craft Beers at Dead Presidents Pub!

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For fifteen years, the Dead Presidents Pub has faithfully served the dedicated beer drinkers of Wilmington DE with popular craft beers and great food to boot. Whether you’re a long-time local, taking in the sights or just passing through, Dead Presidents combines the atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub with the appeal of craft beer bars to anyone looking to enjoy themselves, day or night.

The pub (short for “Public House”) is a mainstay of English and Irish drinking culture, and its traditions continue to be celebrated worldwide. In the United Kingdom alone, there are over 54,000 pubs, with the most popular names being “Red Lion” and “The Crown.” The enthusiasm created by a pub setting is infectious, and pub culture in the United States gains more attention with every single draft. Local American craft beers are becoming more prominent, gaining attention at national levels, and Dead Presidents Pub has a wide selection of popular craft beers to suit every palate.

Looking for good restaurants for dates? Voted one of the best restaurants in America by Esquire magazine, Dead Presidents Pub is also a great way to spend an evening. Dead Pesidents offers a friendly, inviting atmosphere and an inspired menu of gastropub offerings and weekly specials to rival any other conventional nice dining restaurants. Pair popular craft beers with any starter, sandwich or entree. Choosing a restaurant doesn’t have to be complicated. Everyone wants delicious food and satisfying beer – why not have both at the same place?

Like any worthy restaurant, Dead Presidents offers services that go beyond popular craft beers and an enjoyable night out. If you’re also looking for local catering services, Dead Presidents Pub has got you covered. Dead Presidents provides professional catering services for any occasion, including hors d’oeuvres, lunch and dinner entrees, with individual and buffet options. Planning a party, get-together or business luncheon? You can count on Dead Presidents to serve the best food of any Wilmington DE caterers.

Like most bars, pubs carry a large variety of beverages, from beer to wine and liquor to soft drinks, and the appeal it creates is universally enjoyable. In the year of 2011 alone, 50,395 pubs in Britain, and America’s pubs are catching on more and more every day. Dead Presidents Pub gives thirsty customers the best of both worlds, serving award-winning food along with the best and most popular craft beers the United States brings to the table. References: Irish pub wilmington de

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