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Choosing the Right Office Cafeteria Providers for your Business

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Are you currently searching for new office cafeteria providers? The specific cafeteria vendors that you choose can have a significant effect on your business. Choosing the wrong vendor can cost you too much, reduce overall employee satisfaction, and make employees devalue the business. When vetting office cafeteria providers, pay close attention to these important characteristics.

The cost of the cafeteria service providers
What is your food service budget? How much were you paying the previous provider? You will want to compare costs within your budget. You will also want to establish specific features of payment including who will cover the food supplies and employee wages. Some companies will charge a monthly payment and will handle all hiring, food purchasing, and other related responsibilities. Either way, it is important to consider these cafeteria services in the price quote. You will also need to make the decision of whether you are providing free food to your employees or if they will have the ability to purchase meals on campus.

The menu of the office cafeteria providers
The menu and foods offers are one of the most important decision factors. You want to consider as many food restrictions and preferences as possible. Whichever type of menu you choose, make sure you have plenty of fruits and vegetables available. A study in the Journal of Population Health Management found that employees who ate an unhealthy diet were 66% more likely to experience a loss in productivity than employees who regularly consumed fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Additionally, a healthier diet is more likely to lead to fewer missed work days.

Any additional services offered
You are likely paying a lot of money for your corporate dining vendor. Make sure you are getting your money worth by also evaluating the additional services that are offered. Some examples of added services include afterhours dining, celebratory meals for holidays and milestone events, and pickup and drop off meal service. Studies show that less than 20% of American workers regularly take a real lunch break. A pickup meal service allows them to order lunch from the cafeteria to their desk or meeting room. They can then drop off their lunch plates and silverware to the cafeteria later in the day.

The length of the contract
It can take a lot of time and resources to vet a new office cafeteria provider. It is best to choose one that has extended contract availability. However, you don?t want too long of a contract, in case you are unhappy with the vendor services. The U.S. catering industry currently employs 261,189 people. You will find that there are many catering professional vendors to choose from. Just make sure you are doing the necessary research and asking the right questions of your possible vendors.

The working hours of the vendor
Ideally, you will want your office cafeteria providers to serve food during your normal business hours. But, what about employees that work late into the evening hours? Can they purchase food? How early does the cafeteria provider begin serving food? What about food availability on the weekends? Many businesses have a large percentage of employees that pick up weekend hours or are required to come into the office on the weekends.

While offering food onsite for employees is a good thing, it is also important that you choose office cafeteria providers that fit with your business needs. While you are searching for a new cafeteria provider, make sure you understand payment needs, employment processes, vendor hours, the menu choices, and the specific length of the contract. These decisions will help you make the right cafeteria providers decision.

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