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Three Signs You’ve Found a Great Wine Store

January 15, 2014 MontrachetWineWine stores  No comments

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Wine: The fruity, alcoholic beverage in all of its incarnations, whether dry, sweet, woody, or sparkling, was long regarded as only a European beverage. As globalization has encapsulated our world, so, too, has wine taken the planet by storm. According to the Wine Institute, more than 24 billion liters of the ancient beverage are consumed across the world every year. France, rightfully regarded as the ancestral home of the world’s best wines, has recently lost its place as the number one consumer of wine to the United States. Americans now imbibe an estimated 3.2 billion liters of the liquid gold every year.

While we may have grabbed the title of biggest consumer away from France, we haven’t quite absorbed the French penchant for knowing how to buy wine that can be objectively described as “good,” nor have we lea

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