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Benefits of Microgreens


With today’s unnatural diets of processed foods and unhealthy snacks, it can be hard to eat healthy. All of the fast food options out there can make natural veggies and greens seem undesirable. It’s important not to buy into the unhealthy food craze that’s become so popular, because it can have a lasting impact on your health and wellbeing. One recent trend that’s gaining traction is micro greens, which are basically tiny vegetables that pack a punch of color and flavor and can add excitement to any dish.

One of the hardest things about adopting a healthy diet is learning how to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your cooking. Microgreens are a cool thing to learn to use in recipes, because they are a type of specialty produce that can add a unique touch to any dish. The extra color and unexpected flavor they provide can even get kids excited about eating healthy. Micro greens are delicate and can’t be grown at home, so it’s best to find them from a local person who is experience growing microgreens. A common misconception is that microgreens are the same as sprouts, but this isn’t true — these sugar flowers are simply seedlings of regular vegetables that are harvested before they develop into larger plants. Keep reading to learn about some ways to incorporate micro greens into your cooking.

    1. Add to teas
    These baby vegetables can add color and flavor to any tea, and they are actually strong enough that some varieties can be used to make their own teas. This gives you a way to make fresh tea at home, and it’s a unique way to incorporate them into your diet.

    2. Use in mixed drinks
    The best mixed drinks need a beautiful, eye catching garnish, and these edible flowers bit the bill. Some varieties have a sugary and sweet taste that can add a little bit of flavor to a drink. Your guests will be in awe when you have a special garnish that no one has seen before, and others will surely ask you for your recipe.

    3. Use to top cupcakes
    Sugar flowers for wedding cakes is a growing trend because they add a cool pop of color to cakes and desserts that would otherwise have the bland, boring normal sugary topping. Crystallized rose petals are popular because they can give any cupcake a special touch and add elegance to the dessert for an important event.

    4. Add to salads
    Okay, so salads can definitely be boring sometimes and they aren’t always that appealing, especially when compared to greasy potato chips and cheesy pizza. If you’re trying to increase the appeal of a salad, microgreens are a great way to do it. Everyone knows they should eat more greens, and using these flavorful baby veggies can make a salad more exciting and interesting.

    5. Eat with crackers and hummus
    If you’re not interested in preparing a big meal, but really want to try the new and trending microgreens, it’s easy to top some crackers with hummus and microgreens and have an instant snack that’s healthy and delicious.

    6. Make some flavorful pesto
    Basil is one of the most popular micro greens because it’s stronger than the traditional variety found in the grocery store. It can be used to make strong, delicious pesto that will cause people to wonder about your secret recipe.

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to use microgreens? If so, please leave a comment below.

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