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Americans Want More Than Just Coffee When Visiting A Cafe Enhancing Your Soup Stations In 2019

Coffee is practically a ritual at this point. Just look at the average working American.

It’s hard to find one without a cup of coffee in their hand, whether they’re attempting to head to work through the morning rush or just need a pick-me-up on their lunch break. This delicious drink does the dual work of providing something tasty to push back against stress alongside a boost of caffeine (though you shouldn’t count out decaf!). Simply put? Coffee is the grease that oils the American machine. Your shop needs to be stocked with as many useful supplies as possible to ensure every last person walking out of your door is as happy as possible.

White paper cups, hot soups, tasty pastries…it’s all in a day’s work for the average cafe!

Coffee Is A Popular Drink That Isn’t Going Anywhere

Just how popular is coffee? According to industry news the retail value of the American coffee market has been sitting at an impressive $50 billion, with specialty comprising nearly 55% of the value share. The United States imported over 27 million bags of coffee back in 2014 and accounted for nearly one quarter of global coffee imports. That makes Americans the single largest buyer of coffee around the world. Keep that in mind when you consider which white paper cups to buy for your drip coffee regulars!

Americans Want A Tasty Treat With Plenty Of Convenience

It’s not just the creamy finish of a latte that keeps Americans coming back for more. It’s a dollop of convenience on their stressful workweek. Independent coffee shops boast $12 billion in annual sales…and they don’t just do so by offering seasonal varieties. Recent studies found 65% of coffee drinkers prefer to add sugar and cream to their cup. Keeping creamer, sugar packets, and stir sticks on hand will go a long way in helping every customer feel welcome.

Your Customers Aren’t Just Visiting For The Mochas

What else do customers expect out of today’s cafe? Just look to the lunch rush. Americans eat a collective 10 billion bowls of soup each year, with one additional study finding it a very popular choice for working American women. A hot soup container should be thick enough to retain heat and protect your customer’s hand, alongside a lid and a plastic spoon. Shake up your soup specials a few times a week to give visitors incentive to drop by more often.

Coffee Is Both Delicious And Healthy

Here’s something interesting you might not be aware of. Coffee isn’t just healthy, but it’s possible it’s more healthy than we thought possible! An interesting science study assessing the positive health benefits of regular coffee consumption saw a correlation with brain function. Three to five cups of coffee a day can help prevent the cognitive decline associated with aging. Makes you look at white paper cups and coffee stirrers a little differently, huh?

You Should Always Keep Several Coffee Accessories On Hand

No cafe should be caught without the basics. Americans all have their favorite places to visit, from bars to burger joints, and cafes are no different. White paper cups should be supplemented with sleeves to keep customers safe. Soup bowls, napkins, creamer, sugar packets, and stirrers should be placed by the door so customers on their way out can further customize their order to perfection. A 2016 study found 30% of deli operations actively planning on enhancing their soup stations to bring in more people.

Coffee remains a beloved element in many people’s lives. Keep it that way by keeping your white paper cups stocked and your soup stations full.

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