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7 Summer Classics You Can Spice Up With Salsa This Summer

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What is salsa good with? Here’s a better question: What is salsa not good with? Salsa is a great accompaniment for some of your favorite summer foods, and with all the different types of salsa out there that you can make or buy, it’s easy to find the perfect pairings. Here are some suggestions for seven classic summer foods:

  1. Hamburgers:

    Skip the ketchup on your burgers next time. You’ll be able to add flavor and cut down on calories by using a classic mild salsa dip instead. The creamy texture actually mimics ketchup, and salsa still gives you the base sweetness of the tomato without all the added sugar of commercial ketchup.

  2. Hot Dogs:

    Instead of relish, try topping your hot dogs with pico de gallo. The bright yet mild flavor of onion, tomato, chilies and citrus juice puts a fresh spin on this ballpark classic.

  3. Steak:

    Garlic is a traditional pairing for beef, so it should come as no surprise that a few tablespoons of garlic salsa on top of a freshly grilled steak is absolutely delicious. You can’t beat that kind of flavor for around 20 calories.

  4. Pork Skewers:

    Pork can get a little dry, so it benefits from a dipping sauce of some kind. Fruit salsa is the perfect dipping sauce, with its combination of sweet and smoky flavors. You’ll feel as if you’re in the Caribbean or Pacific in just a few bites.

  5. Corn Salad:

    Corn salad can be a little bland, since corn doesn’t have much flavor on its own. Most Southwestern salsa recipes are corn-based anyway, so it’s easy to throw a little Southwestern salsa into your corn salad to spice it up. And since most recipes also include beans, you’ll add a little extra protein, too.

  6. Potato Salad:

    Salsa is an easy way to add some flair to carb-based salads like potato salad and mac salad, too. Choose a cooked salsa, as the smoother texture will act almost like a dressing.

  7. Chips:

    Of course, you already know that salsa is a refreshing summer dip to scoop up with crunchy chips. But you can try playing around with the flavors a little by ditching the plain chips and choosing a less common salsa. Lime-flavored chips are great with tart and spicy salsa verde, for example. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Do you have any other unique suggestions for using salsa this summer? Join the discussion in the comments.

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