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5 Things You Can Make With Vanilla Beans

Baking and cooking can be a ton of fun, especially when you’re making delicious desserts. You usually only need a few supplies to whip up something yummy and you can even make it a family activity. One of the supplies you should consider adding to your baking arsenal is vanilla beans. There are all kinds of awesome recipes you can make by using them and they make a huge difference in taste when you’re working with things like vanilla cake or homemade ice cream. They may be a bit of a splurge, but they can really improve these five recipes.

1. Vanilla Cake

Ground vanilla beans can turn your vanilla cake into a delicious masterpiece. They give a more genuine flavor and can turn a generic treat into a gourmet dish. You can use them in the frosting and in the cake batter to get your money’s worth.

2. Homemade Whipped Cream

Frosting isn’t the only yummy topping you can use these beans in. You can also make your very own vanilla bean whipped cream. Put it on top of ground vanilla bean ice cream or some other tasty treat like brownies.

3. Donuts

Have you ever considered baking your own donuts? If so, you should give it a shot using vanilla beans. You can make the donut butter with it as well as the frosting or glaze that you put on top. You can even make custard with it to fill a homemade Long John.

4. Cheesecake or Cheesecake Bars

Who doesn’t love some cheesecake? It’s a delicious dessert that you can dress up in all kinds of different ways. You can use chocolate or fruit or nuts, but most importantly you can use vanilla beans.

5. Coffee Creamer

If you’re a coffee nut then you might want to consider making your very own creamer. The store bought stuff is good, but imagine crafting your own perfect blend specifically to your tastes. This could take your mornings to the next level.

There are endless uses for vanilla beans. You can put them in just about any sweet treat you can think of. If you love to bake and make your own toppings then these beans are going to be worth the money for you.

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