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4 Popular Meats Your Customers Will Love

There’s no denying that people throughout the United States love visiting restaurants. In fact, research shows that annual restaurant sales have reached $783 billion. Considering that, many diners are seeking out restaurants that offer delicious meats. Research from Rabobank projects found that meat consumption throughout the United States has reached totals of over 200 pounds a year per capita. If you’re wanting to expand your restaurant’s meat selection, it’s wise to learn which types of meats remain popular among consumers. With that in mind, here are four types of delicious meats to consider offering to your customers.

  • Salami

    If you’re wanting to offer sandwiches to your customers, it’s wise to have salami on your menu. This delicious meat often receives a mixture of herbs and spices. Therefore, many customers enjoy the spicy taste of salami on their sandwiches. It’s important to note that salami is considered hard meat which means you should have a meat cutter for the purpose of preparing salami.
  • Turkey Breast

    Throughout the world, many customers are looking for healthier dining options. With that in mind, many people enjoy consuming turkey breast. Turkey is a meat that’s low in calories and high in protein, making it a wise choice for those looking to manage their weight. Therefore, it’s a good idea to begin offering both sliced and shaved turkey for your restaurant’s hungry diners.
  • Pepperoni

    No deli would be complete without having pepperoni ready for hungry patrons. Whether being used as a pizza topping or in a sandwich, pepperoni is a spicy food that many people love eating. By using a commercial meat cutter, you can easily slice this meat up into slices. Meat cutters allow restaurants to prepare this versatile meat for a wide range of delicious dishes.
  • Prosciutto

    Most meats need to cook before they’re safe for human consumption. However, prosciutto is a type of meat that’s best when served uncooked. Prosciutto gets its flavor from aging for months to years, depending upon who is storing the meat. Regardless of how long this meat ages, it’s likely to be a popular choice for hungry customers visiting your restaurant. Considering that, it’s wise to use a meat cutting machine to prepare this delicious meat for sandwiches and other dishes.

In closing, there are several popular types of meat to consider purchasing for your restaurant. One study found that 34% of people throughout the United States eat at casual dining restaurants at least once a week. If you want to have these meats ready for your hungry customers, consider purchasing an industrial meat cutter. In turn, you’ll be easily able to provide meats to your customers in a fast and efficient manner. You can even find professional meat tenderizer machines that help ensure your restaurant’s meats are tender and delicious.

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