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3 Scenarios When a Cup of Coffee Could Be Extremely Beneficial to Your Performance

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How frequently do you drink coffee? If you?ve long debated whether you should maintain a regular habit of drinking coffee or if you should try to kick it and go coffee-free, you may finally have your answer. There are a plethora of benefits to drinking this caffeinated beverage on a regular basis. In many cases the positives may outweigh the negatives of enjoying one or two cups of normal coffee or specialty coffee throughout your day.

Interested in learning more about some of the health benefits of coffee? Keep reading for more information about when you should prioritize drinking a cup or two of this caffeinated drink.

3 Times When You Should Definitely Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

If you don?t want to become someone who drinks coffee every day of the week and sometimes all throughout any given day, you can prioritize when you choose to drink coffee. You don?t have to be like the average American who drinks around 3 cups per day, ever day. Based on the benefits it can offer you, there may be certain times of the day or certain moments when having a cup of coffee could help you perform better or stay at the top of your game. Find out what three moments are when you should try and drink a cup of coffee to get the benefits.

1. When you?re staying at a hotel

A lot of people may think hotel coffee and cringe. Sometimes, hotel coffee is not the best quality. However, there are a variety of reasons why you should definitely enjoy a cup or two of hotel coffee when you?re traveling. For one, if you?re on the road due to business, staying at a hotel can throw you off your game. You may have had a rough night?s sleep or you may feel disoriented from being somewhere new or different. If you have a big meeting, presentation, or event to go to, you want to be at the top of your game.

A cup of hotel coffee could be just what you need. The Food and Drug Administration claims that coffee can do a myriad of things for the body from help to improve concentration, to help with better cognitive performance, to help with memory retention, to help enhance energy levels in the brain. The FDA says all this can happen with three minutes to an hour of drinking your cup of coffee from the hotel coffee machine.

2. When you have a big project or presentation due at work

If you?re in need of a final push to help you out at work, drinking a cup of coffee from the office coffee maker could work like magic. That?s because coffee can actually help with productivity. Nearly 50% of workers recognize that a cup of coffee at work can help them stay productive throughout the day. Once they start to feel sluggish or distracted, they know brewing a fresh pot of coffee could be all they need to get right back on track.

You won?t ever have to worry about missing a deadline for a big project or a presentation you have to give if you find ways to boost your productivity in the office. Another thing that can help is taking a short break throughout the day to clear your mind and refocus on the task at hand.

3. When you have to finish a paper or essay at school

Whether you?re a procrastinator and you waited until the last minute or you simply have too many papers to write to balance them all, caffeine can help you make it through stressful periods at school. Not only does coffee help with productive and enhancing energy in the brain, it can directly help with essentials parts to writing a paper. For instance, caffeine can help you out when you need to identify phrases and words at a faster pace. All you need is around 200 mg of caffeine from a cup of coffee to start performing faster and more efficiently.

Are you going to give coffee a try the next time you?re in one of these situations? Let us know your thoughts on coffee in the comments.

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