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3 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Serve Fresh Orange Juice

There is no denying that fresh fruit juice is extremely popular among Americans. In a given year, Americans alone drank over 6 gallons of juice per capita. Along with this enduring popularity in drinking juice came the rise of the juice bar, an establishment known for serving a variety of juices to choose from. Juice bars employ commercial juice extractors to quickly extract the juice from fruit and mix it into a variety of drinks. In the last decade alone, the juice bar industry has grown into a market worth around $9 billion dollars. So it makes sense that juice bars should consider all possibilities when adding new juice bar recipes to their menu. In particular, juice bars should consider adding fresh orange juice to their menu and this article looks at the three reasons why.

  • The Popular Choice: Orange juice is consistently rated as the most popular juice choice for Americans, with the average person drinking over 2 gallons of orange juice alone in a given year. It makes sense, therefore, to include a juice choice so enduringly popular on the menu of any juice bar. Commercial juice extractors can easily create plenty of orange juice and make it available for customers to drink.
  • The Healthy Choice: In a time where more and more people are looking to eat and drink healthy foods, serving orange juice is an excellent choice because of the massive amounts of Vitamin C it can provide. It has long been known that orange juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C. In fact, a single serving of orange juice contains 200 percent of the Vitamin C your body needs on a daily basis. But beyond Vitamin C, orange juice also contains servings of Vitamin A, potassium, fiber, and protein. Everything about orange juice is good for your health.
  • The Perfect Base Ingredient: One thing that’s interesting about juice bars is they don’t only serve regular fruit juices. They can also provide drinks that mix multiple juices together to create new and interesting flavors. Fresh orange juice is a perfect ingredient to include on the menu because it can be easily mixed with a number of different juice flavors (like pineapple for instance) to create multiple flavors.

In conclusion, it makes perfect sense to include fresh orange juice on the menu of your juice bar. Fresh orange juice is easy to make using commercial juice extractors and it’s also one of the most popular juice choices in America. On top of that, orange juice is full of important vitamins and minerals that the body should receive on a daily basis. And furthermore, orange juice is the perfect base ingredient for mixing several juice flavors together to create a new and exciting drink for customers. If you’re running a juice bar, you should definitely include fresh orange juice on your menu.

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