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You could say that food and eating are the basis for a majority of bonding and kinship activities. We are brought closer together as humans because we share the very sustenance that we need to survive. Two of my biggest abiding passions are talking about eating and talking about food. I consider myself to be an enthusiast of restaurants and fine dining. I’m also knowledgeable about up-and-coming dieting trends and I am a supporter of the low carb diet. I could talk to you about raw food right before I chowed down on a very high-quality medium-rare steak. In fact, I actually find myself discussing this sort of topic much more often than I should. My name is George Hutchinson and my family and friends thought that it would be a great idea if I started a website to share my take on food, nutrition, and the art of cooking. I’m glad that I followed their advice! I have enjoyed the fact that I am able to express myself and my beliefs when it comes to cooking. I’ve put together articles and information that is very enlightening in attempt to educate you when it comes to food and nutrition. I have been getting great feedback from other foodies and I’ve learned just as much as I’ve taught. If you want to give me feedback, regardless if you consider yourself to be a foodie or not, I would love to hear from you! You should follow me and my website because I’ll continue to provide you with knowledge that is extremely useful to you and your dietary health!


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