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Take Your Office Environment to the Next Level By Upgrading Your Coffee Maker

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You want your business to be a productive yet comfortable place for your employees to do their best work. By choosing the right coffee maker, you can give your employees an opportunity to take a short break and refuel on what helps them push through their morning or afternoon slump. In order to create this space, it is important to find the perfect coffee machine that will fulfill your employees’ wishes.

The first thing to think about the size of your office and the number of employees who are going to take advantage of a coffee machine in the office. If you are a startup or have under 25 employees, it is probably best to start off with a commercial single cup coffee maker or a standard coffee maker. Both require minimal cleaning and would serve both the coffee and tea drinkers in the office.

If your office has a large number of employees and you need to meet a larger demand, it would be beneficial to look at a larger business coffee solution. There are many companies tha

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5 Benefits of Providing Coffee at the Office

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Providing coffee at the office may seem like more a hassle than a benefit, but studies have shown otherwise. Aside from worrying about the office coffee maker, office coffee provider, and office coffee supplies, such as office coffee cups, there are multiple benefits that can be had from providing coffee in the office to your employees. Over half of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day with the average coffee drinker consuming over 3 cups per day, and almost half of all U.S. workers say that coffee helps them stay more productive at work. Read below to see other benefits of providing coffee at the office for your employees.

Strengthens Brain

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