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Three Amazing Benefits of Ice Cream in Your Everyday

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Ice cream cups

Okay, now, before you run off screaming with joy, thinking all you need do for the rest of your life is eat ice cream for every meal, understand that everything in moderation is the key. Wasn’t that Mark Twain who said that?

Eating ice cream is an American pastime. Over the course of any two-week period, four out of every ten Americans will eat ice cream somewhere, whether it be for a special occasion or simply for no reason whatsoever. We eat ice cream almost 29 times per year on average, consuming somewhere near 1.5 billion gallons of the stuff.

We ice cream eaters will use cones, ice cream cups with lids and without lids, colored spoons and clear spo

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In an already flooded market, presentation is everything

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Frozen dessert cups

Even though most creameries produce ice cream primarily in June, throughout the entire year, the average American will eat the delicious frozen convection over 28 times. Furthermore, 90% of households that were questioned in a recent survey said that they consume frozen desserts such as yogurt and ice cream on a regular basis. These numbers have lead to there being almost 2600 frozen yogurt shops throughout the country in 2013.

So, how do you make your frozen yogurt shop stand out from all the rest and make it the place for parents to take their kids? The answer lies in the packaging and presentation. Since there are so many yogurt and ice cream shops to choose from, the way to be the one that everyone flocks to depends not only on the deliciousness of your products but also on having colored spoons

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