Gourmet Popcorn Comes in a Number of Varieties

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The party planning was much simpler than you thought. With twins graduating from high school you were afraid about how difficult and how expensive their graduation party might be. Your son and daughter surprised you, however, when they said that they wanted to have a casual event and show a movie in the backyard. With a request for several kinds of gourmet popcorn flavors and other favorite movie theater snacks, the food was a piece of cake. Not all of the guests stayed for the late night movie that did not start until it was dark enough to see the outdoor screen, but you were impressed with the number of high schoolers who were willing to spend a Saturday night on graduation weekend with a group of parents and other family friends and relatives.

The flavored popcorn that was everyone’s favorite were the two colors of kettle corn that featured the high school colors, and the twins insisted that everyone be able to take gou

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From Honey Bears To Pollen Supplements How Honeybees Enrich Our Lives

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Honey is delicious. We put it in our oatmeal, our soap bars and our drinks. What’s not to love?

With bee pollen supplements on the rise and organic honey bears for sale dominating many small and large grocery outlets, it’s not hard to see why more people are becoming curious about the art of beekeeping. It’s a fulfilling hobby that generates delicious results, keeping bees in business as they keep you in business. It’s not an easy task, however, and it requires a lot of research to do properly. This means investing in beekeeping equipment, becoming familiar with raw bee pollen and embracing all their is to know about nature’s tireless little workers.

What should you know before starting your very own beekeeping business?

Beekeeper Hat

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of a beekeeper? For many it’s the iconic hat that pops to mind, both

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