A Few Peanut Facts From the Nutritional Value of Peanuts to the Potential for Peanut Allergy Reactions

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Fry a turkey in peanut oil

Peanuts are a popular food item within the United States. Every year, the average American will eat over six pounds of these nuts in a variety of forms. Peanut butter, in particular, is a favorite peanut product. Many people also choose to use peanut oil for frying meat, poultry, and fish.

While peanuts are actually a legume rather than a nut, they still bear that name. It’s interesting to note that there are also different types of peanuts grown within the United States. The four basic types are Runners, Spanish, Valencias, and Virginias. While some people may prefer one type of peanut over another, there’s a good chance that they may enjoy them all.

Peanut Nutritional Values

A single serving of peanuts is about one ounce. The Food and Drug Administration reports that just o

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Own A Frozen Yogurt Shop? Here’s A Few Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

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Custom printed ice cream cups

It may be cold outside, but people are still craving ice cream and frozen yogurt. In fact, ninety percent people in the United States regularly have a sweet, frozen treat. If you are the owner of a frozen yogurt or ice cream business then you absolutely know that you have to keep the customers happy in the winter just as much as you do in the summer. In order to do that you have to stand out from the crowd. Below are three ways that you can build your brand, entice your customers, and stay ahead of the competition:

Custom Ice Cream Cups - What are the two items that your customers have to use every single time they come into your store to eat ice cream or frozen yogurt? Typically it is the cup their treat goes into and the spoon to eat it with. You should also consider ho

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