Americans Love Soup – Maybe Too Much!

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There’s nothing quite like a hot bowl of soup, no matter the weather or day, and it seems that American’s agree. According to statistics, over 10 billion bowls of soup are eaten every year in America. That’s a lot of soup.

One of the biggest gripes to be had is how long it takes to get that nice hot bowl, and the lack of mobility one has with it. Hot soup containers, those of the glass or metal variety (at least discounting certain makes that can alleviate heat) can burn the hands quickly. They’re also heavy and sometimes cumbersome to use.

Enter the paper soup cup and paper soup containers.

The ability to take your soups on the go, and enjoy it wherever, as long as you have a spoon to eat with. Sou

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Children’s Birthday Party? Skip the Cake, Get an Ice Cream Sunday Bar

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Ice cream cups

You woke up today to the sound of your daughter?s feet skittering along your floor. It?s only three more days to her Birthday, she excitedly informs you. And do you know what she wants more than anything in the world? A Batman themed birthday party! Which would be great, if you hadn?t already gone out and bought all of those Princess themed birthday decorations that she asked for last week!
You walk your tottering toddler into the kitchen, telling yourself that in no way will you submit to another one of your daughter?s fads — oh the fads! And then you think, maybe you could get away with putting up some black streamers left over from Halloween. After all, it?s not like anyone will be talking about the decorations after they see the dessert bar.
That?s what you?ve put most of your effort into; that

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