Corporate Catering Hitting All the Marks

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Corporate events. They call to mind a group of people milling around the food table, wearing suits, and talking about business while trying to make a pass at social life. These events can be awkward or in some cases dangerous, as employees may drink too much and make risky life decisions. But they are also a time for networking.

These events are generally thrown by a department or by the company at large. These events can be called “retreats” or another term to denote the break from work to socialize with other co-workers and employees. These events can be fun or made to be fun. They may be outings at a cool place. They may create time to network and socialize.

There are people who thrive at these events. They are generally the most outgoing people in the group. They may be men or they may be wo

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4 Different Types of Catering Services

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Conference center

The catering industry has grown over the years and becomes one of the highly demanded after-service for different types of events. The U.S catering industry employes more than a quarter million people, which means finding the right catering company can be an overwhelming experience.Clients taste and preferences have become more sophisticated with more people demanding for exquisite modern catering menu and services.

There are different types of catering services and each type has specific planning details such as pricing and ordering procedures. Understanding what each type offers will help you define your needs and simplify your menu choices. Here are the four common types of catering to consider for y

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