What Is Your Very Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

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Looking for local ice cream shops has become a tradition. Whether you are traveling in Florida or Louisiana for work or visiting California or Pennsylvania on a family vacation, you love to check out the local frozen treats. Your daughters love gourmet ice cream and are willing to try a number of flavors, but you are a mint chip fan through and through. This means that even though you are willing to help your spouse and your daughters with their search there is every chance that you will not really buy anything if they do not have the your favorite flavor.

Whether you are looking for the best ice cream downtown Miami or you are in search of a popsicle store near the ocean in Oregon, if you go on a specific search like this you will likely find quite a bit out about a neighborhood. Searching for a hidden sweet treat shop, for instance, can help you learn about the local businesses that surround that space

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4 Popular Meats Your Customers Will Love

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There’s no denying that people throughout the United States love visiting restaurants. In fact, research shows that annual restaurant sales have reached $783 billion. Considering that, many diners are seeking out restaurants that offer delicious meats. Research from Rabobank projects found that meat consumption throughout the United States has reached totals of over 200 pounds a year per capita. If you’re wanting to expand your restaurant’s meat selection, it’s wise to learn which types of meats remain popular among consumers. With that in mind, here are four types of delicious meats to consider offering to your customers.

  • Salami

    If you’re wanting to offer sandwiches to your customers, it’s wise to have salami on your menu. This delicious meat often receives a mixture of herbs and spices. Therefore, many customers enjoy the spicy taste of salami on their sandwiches. It’s important to note that salami is considered hard meat which means you should have
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