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Taking A Look At Water Consumption In The United States

September 21, 2018 Commercial water dispenserWater cooler solutionWater delivery service for home  No comments

Water is essential to our lives here not only in the United States but in every single other place all throughout the world. After all, water is the stuff of life. If we did not have water, we would not be able to survive. While the typical human body can go a few weeks before dying of starvation, dying from a lack of water will occur after only three to four days. The effects of dehydration set in quickly, even among us who have access to water on a consistent and regular basis.

And it makes sense that we are so dependent on water to keep us alive. After all, our bodies are more than half made up of water (around sixty percent, to be more exact). Every single system in our body needs water to function in the way that it should – going without water, even just for a short period of time, can have an increasingly negative effect on how you feel, from your digestive system to your cognitive function.

In order to stay feeling your best, you should be drinking a generous amount o

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