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The Power of Protein: Why Peanuts Pack a Punch

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According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, more than 98% of children in the U.S. can enjoy peanuts and other various peanut products safely. Considering that the humble peanut is one of America’s most-beloved foods — and an incredibly nutritious one, at that — that’s very good news. While a lot of us love nothing more than to snack on a handful of roasted peanuts or enjoy starting our day with a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter on top, you might not realize just how good this little legume is for your body. And when it comes to high protein snacks, peanuts definitely come out on top.

Why is protein so important?
The National Peanut Board reports that protein is essential for bone and muscle health, as well as the health of our skin, blood, and cart...

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The Nutritional Value of Peanuts Provide a Great Snack for Many Families

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What can i make with peanuts

As the last two weeks of the semester wind down, it seems like your teenage daughter is never home. She leaves early for high school show choir practice, goes to class all day, and attends teacher lead study sessions after school. By the time she comes home she is starving as it has been five or six hours since she ate lunch. As it gets closer to the cold and flu season, and as her days of finals get more and more stressful for your daughter, you are determined to find a way to make sure that she is getting healthy snacks throughout the day. Even the days that start before the sun comes up and end after the sun sets.
Parents who are looking for protein filled snacks, often discover that the