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5 Authentic Mexican Desserts You Need to Try Today

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Oriental sweets

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican cuisine experience, you can’t stop at just the main course. While it’s true that Mexican cuisine has innumerous savory dishes, consider adding something sweet to the tail end of your meal.

If you’re looking for a truly unique dessert experience, here are five authentic Mexican desserts you need to try today.

Mexican Paletas

If you like visiting popsicles stores, you’re going to love paletas de dulce. When you go out for paletas, think of it as going to a gourmet popsicle shop. These delicious frozen treats are made with chunks of fresh fruit and nuts. In addition, there are many different varieties. And if you’re looking for a fun summer dessert, these treats can be made at home...

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Create The Cream Of The Crop Many Times Over With A Hydroponic Cloning Machine

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Hydroponics is an innovative technique to grow plants, and now the ability to clone the best of your crop is at your fingertips. But did you read that sentence and have twenty questions come into your head about what all of this means? Don’t fret, and find some of your answers below.

Back it up. What is hydroponics exactly?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a solution rich in nutrients and based in water, rather than the standard soil. The root system is supported by an inert medium like peat moss, clay pellets, or perlite. This allows the roots to have direct contact with the nutrient solution and have access to oxygen, both of which are imperative for successful growth.

Alright, so what does a hydroponic cloning machine do?

When you have a plant that is growing like you wish...

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