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How to Use Microgreens in Home Cooking

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Microgreens are miniature vegetables that pack an intense flavor in a small size. They have been used in haute cuisine since the 1980s, but are now becoming more widely available. Home cooks are discovering the many uses for true leaf microgreens in their kitchens, as tasty food accents that add flavor and visual appeal to a whole range of dishes. Micro greens need careful handling, which is why it’s best to buy them from specialist growers.

What are micro greens?
These miniature vegetables are often confused with sprouts and baby vegetables, but they’re quite different. They’re complete vegetables, with a stem and leaves. Microgreens are harvested when the pants are about two weeks old. They are bigger than sprouts and smaller than baby vegetables and typically measure just about one to one and a half inches in length.
The vegetables that are grown as microgreens are mostly chosen for their striking appearance, color and taste. Some typical micr

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Organic Microgreens Are An Easy And Healthy Addition To Your Diet

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What Are Organic Micro Greens?

Microgreens have been around for years, and are vegetables between the sprout and baby green stages, that only reach around 1 to 3 inches in height. Much lauded for their flavor and nutrients, they can come in many varieties.

Microgreens differ from sprouts, in that they have developed leaves, and sprouts do not. They also differ from baby greens due to the fact that they are smaller, and are usually sold in containers without prior harvesting. This allows plants to be harvested fresh at your home, which helps keep their nutrient count as high as possible. Additionally, they are very easy to grow, and can even thrive on windowsills if you don’t have a designated green space.

Organic Micro Greens Are Packed With Nutrients

Organic micro greens are not only loved for their flavors, but also because they are packed with nutrients. While it varies between varieties, they tend to be high in iron, magnesium, potassium, and

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