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Burgers and Football are a Classic American Tradition

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In the United States, the most unhealthy burger can be found at Carl’s Jr., where the Double Six burger has more than 1,500 calories. However, it is McDonald’s, and not Carl’s Jr., that is the world’s largest purchaser of beef and pork. That might not seem like much of a surprise when put next to the fact that Americans spend some $150 billion on fast food every year. But when it comes to finding the perfect burger for watching football, even the heartiest fast food burgers might not cut it. Die hard fans will spend lots of time watching games and visiting their favorite football league websites to learn more about the teams they follow, so skimping out on game day meals is not an option.

According to stats gathered by Statistic Brain, 44% of Americans will visit a restaurant at least once a week. Durin

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Get Even More of a Food Fix With Food Talk Radio

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The current cultural trend is leaning towards food more and more. It does not matter the type of food, the culture behind it, whether it is organic, free range or just plain old barbecue with no concern for where the meat came from, food is becoming one of the most important things in society. And there is nothing wrong with that. Honestly, America is one of the very last nations to lean this way. Virtually every other country has a healthy fascination and respect for their food, and has had it for some time.

The problem here in the States is that we had lost sight of quality long ago. It was all about convenience and speed, nothing more. Fast food and tv dinners were supported and praised when we really should have been focused on slow food movements, pure ingredients and sharing the experience of amazingly de

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