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Trying Out a Local Mexican Restaurant

April 2, 2019 Best mexican food blogBest mexican food miami beachLocal mexican restaurant  No comments

Latin America has had a longtime relationship with the United States, and for many decades, Mexico, Cuba, and other Caribbean and Latin American regions have had an influence on American cuisine. This is especially true on the Mexico-Texas border, where Americans and Mexicans have traded ingredients and recipe ideas since the 1800s or possibly even earlier. Today, all sorts of new dishes and ingredients have been concocted thanks to this exchange, and Mexican food has a large presence in the American food industry. In fact, Mexican food is the single most popular ethnic food in the United States, having 42% of all ethnic food sales in that nation (edging out even popular Chinese and Italian food). If someone wants to visit local Mexican restaurants for an authentic taste, what should they look for? There is a distinction between authentic food at Mexican restaurants and authentic Mexican dishes than Tex-Mex. Mexican catering may be either type, but some customers may have a preference.

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